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Psalm 37:4

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not just a "stay at home" mom!

I am Hormonal!  I consider the week that I have just had to be my Bipolar week.  You know, those times when you are happy hearted and smiling one second and then grumpy and crying the next?  Come know that you are totally relating to this right now, am I right? 

Summer is winding down and school is getting ready to start.  It's all hitting me at once.  The realization that we now have to enforce the kids' bedtimes, lesson plans and snack calendars have to be done, and those grouchy "hurry up and get in the car or I'm leaving you" mornings will be here before we know it.  Where oh where did the summer go?
This last week in particular has been crazy busy, but I wouldn't change a minute of it---okay, maybe I would change it so that my children weren't fighting for the majority of the time and the laundry was done and folded, and the bathroom was clean, etc. etc. etc.!!!

I have been feeling a bit annoyed lately because I feel like some CRAZY people think that because I stay at home in the summer truly means that I just STAY AT HOME.  Here's what I think-Those people are INSANE...and yes, I feel a little convicted that I keep getting annoyed at THOSE people.  I need to pray for God to do some work on my heart, don't I??

Anyway, I'll get off of my high horse and show you what we have been doing this week, definately not just Staying at home!

This is what I usually spend my mornings working on...

This is just a small portion of my laundry...Trust me, there is  LOTS more.   I spend lots of time picking up and cleaning the house too, but I didn't really want to show you a picture of my messy house because then you would know that we live like pigs.  I like to lead people to believe that we are very neat and tidy.   This is a neverending job-that's not an exageration either!

I have been working ALOT on preschool stuff.  Mailing out enrollment reminders, getting paperwork ready for enrollment and starting lesson plans...I am so excited for the new schoolyear to begin.  Makenna helped me stuff envelopes the other morning.  We sat on the couch and chatted it up while we folded and stuffed.  It's nice having my own little secretary around!
This little girl learned to ride her bike this week, so we have spent lots of precious time together outside learning to master this skill-and trust me, she did master it!

Then, we had to clean up this MAJOR MESS (which is actually supposed to be a "war fort" and Hunter was pretending to be "Walker, Texas Ranger" and his buddy was Walkers sidekick "Tribett")  This fort was of course built AFTER I had already cleaned the house up, so we are now onto clean up time #2, where mommy picks up and no one else helps because they are on to bigger and better things!
generally we would be at the pool cooling off in the afternoons...BUT

This guy, my wonderful dad, had surgery last week so we have been spending some time in Madison trying to help out a bit.  FYI-This guy does NOT like to HAVE to have help.  He is a do it himselfer-He probably did not enjoy being helped as much as we enjoyed helping him!

The kiddos especially enjoyed helping feed the horses.

I picked all of these veggies in my dads garden on a very hot afternoon (see the thermometer above to find out exactly how hot it was.)
After picking and nearly having a heat stroke, I made the new rule that you have to help pick the veggies before you can eat the veggies.  I always tell my mom thank you for the delicious garden goodies after she cooks them but not once have I ever said to my dad, "Thanks for enduring the heat and itchiness in the garden to pick these yummy veggies".  So here it is...
Thanks, dad, your garden work is very much appreciated!

I mowed my parents lawn while the kids sidewalk chalked, played in the treehouse and rode their bikes.  My dad sat outside and enjoyed watching the kiddos play while I least I think that he was watching them play.  That may have just been his cover.  He was probably observing to make sure that I was mowing the lawn the correct way!!!

We then retreated into the cool house and began to fix supper.  My little chef is a great kitchen helper.  She loves to peel the cucumbers just as much as she loves to eat them.

We also made these this week.  YUMMO!  Miss Makenna put everything in the bowl, including breaking the eggs, and then she mixed it all by herself-NO HELP from mom.  Hunter wasn't really into helping with any of this, but you better believe that he was into helping eat them!

We have spent so much time this week doing what we love...
Helping others
Being with each other!

These are the days!  Someday, I'm gonna miss this.  I sure am glad that in the summertime I am a stay at home mom...even though we don't just Stay at home!

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  1. I totally hear ya, girl! I'm thinking that I should do a photo diary of my week. It might add some perspective. Cause believe me, I know some of those "but you stay home all day. How could your house be messy and you not have supper ready everynight?" kind of people!